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5 Ways To Use AI For Marketing In 2024

5 Ways to Utilize AI for Marketing in 2024!

1) Use Chat GPT for Copywriting!

Utilize Chat GPT to come up with ideas for copy within your blog posts, web content, social media posts, or any marketing material you need to produce. You can simply go to “” and prompt the software to come up with a few ideas for a caption (or any copy you may need to produce) and pick the best one! Of course it is best to tweak the copy and add some of your own personal flavor, but within a few seconds you can escape the creative funk that comes from time to time while writing copy. 

2) Utilize AI to Come up with beautiful photos

In 2024 creating content has become not only popular, but an absolute necessity, especially in the field of marketing. We need to be creating content as often as possible, in the most engaging and unique way possible. Luckily, you can use AI to generate completely unique artwork and photos for your personal use. If you use the Adobe suite for your creative work, most applications within the suite have the option to generate unique artwork. These include, Express, Photoshop, and Illustrator. If you do not have Adobe, there are a plethora of other tools to utilize including, Davinci and Shuttershock. If you are in need of some unique artwork to utilize in your campaigns, consider utilizing AI to create a quick background piece, or unique addition to a graphic. 

3) Use AI for graphic templates

Now as I said, producing content is a priority in this day and age. Content has become a necessity, but with the current climate of content clutter, how can we keep our content unique or engaging? This is where AI comes in. If you are in a creative rut, just starting as a graphic designer, or just too swamped to put a ton of time into one graphic, AI can help. Most graphic design applications such as, Adobe Express and Canva, have AI templates. You can now go into these applications and prompt AI to generate a graphic for whatever you may need. Whether it is a flyer for a work event, or a cool anti-bullying graphic for a campaign, you can simply write a prompt and generate a beautiful graphic. I would certainly recommend tweaking it as much as possible in order to be authentic, but that being said, it doesn’t hurt to get a little head-start. 

4) AI for Email

Artificial intelligence is helpful for creativity, and graphic design, but what about strategy? AI can also help us generate more leads, while maintaining the ones that we have already fostered. There have been several tools released that assist with email marketing, some of which help generate unique automated emails, some of which help create video content to send with unique information generated by AI. For instance, you can send an email or video with your recipients unique name and business auto generated. This can help save hours of crafting unique emails for each client or prospect. (WARNING: watching yourself say things that you have never actually said can be a bit creepy, but hey you save time.)

5) AI for Analytics

Some creatives may prefer to craft fun content instead of sift through numbers, but for those of you who gravitate toward those numbers, AI has some help for you too. AI has recently been utilized to analyze customers, especially in the e-commerce world. With Artificial Intelligence, you can get more accurate information of your customers spending habits, how they navigate your website, and ultimately how to curate the best funnel for your prospects. For those of us who like things put plainly, AI can help you guide more potential customers to a full sale, which means you make more M-O-N-E-Y. Anyone in sales, or the ROI side of marketing knows how important it is to show your client you are actually making them more money, start utilizing AI to help with that.